We are a technology-led start-up based in Shoreditch and founded to create a new generation of digital casino entertainment

Our mission is to disrupt the $400-billion gambling market by bringing innovative, social and entertaining digital casino experiences to players on any platform

We pride ourselves on high-quality, polished games that stand out from the competition and offer a unique and premium experience to our users

We focus on impact, we value innovation and creativity and we recognise and reward talent, merit and passion

We are the only startup with a serious presence in both free-to-play and real-money digital casino

Founded in 2011, in our two years, we have:

– Launched our flagship free-to-play game ‘Mirrorball Slots’ on Facebook and iOS with the Android version currently under development (coming soon)

– Grown from zero to >50 – we are proud to say that we have some of the most talented artists, engineers, product managers, analysts and marketers in London

– Grown to more than 1 million monthly active users and 300,000 daily active users

– Created a joint-venture with Unibet, ‘Bonza Gaming’, which Launched one of the first real-money casino games on Facebook, Bonza Slots, and more recently Bonza Casino

And we’re just getting started! Come and join us!