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Leading social games companies launch the International Social Games Coalition to give a voice to the social games industry

After informally announcing in San Francisco in April this year, eight leading social games companies have come together to formally launch the International Social Games Coalition, which will showcase the work of the industry and educate people about free-to-play games on the internet. The International Social Games Coalition (ISGC) represents founding members ranging from startup […]

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Q&A: Plumbee Games, the £10m casino gaming start-up

CEO Raf Keustermans reveals how he’s taking on the big studios – and winning

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Place your social bets

TECHCITYINSIDER100: Plumbee is a Shoreditch-based startup making waves in the social gaming space. Its chief executive, Raf Keustermans, denies that it’s an easy target for a fast buck. Interview by Nico Franks