Monthly Archives: July 2013

Build / Engineering

Meet Jessica Karotz

Plumbee’s Karotz is called Jessica. We use Jessica for build state notification: Jessica performs a different action after a success or failure of a build in our continuous integration server, Jenkins. There is a plugin available for Jenkins that sends build state notifications to Karotz, but we cannot use this since we run Jenkins as part of the Cloudbees service, rather than managing it ourselves.

News / Product

Plumbee launches first in-house slot

Thumbelina’s Forest added to Mirrorball Slots app Plumbee has launched its first in-house slots game on its Mirrorball Slots app on Facebook. Thumbelina’s Forest is the first created by the in-house slots studio, headed by producer Dave Wright and mathematician/game designer Peter Stathis, set up by the company last year. The London-based firm has plans to […]


Plumbee expands into mobile space

Social casino games company announces launch of Mirrorball Slots app on iOS Plumbee has made its first move into the mobile space after announcing the launch of its Mirrorball Slots game on iOS. The London-based company’s Facebook game, which launched in March 2012, has close to 300,000 DAU on Facebook and more than one million […]