Monthly Archives: September 2014

Design / Inspiration / Product

The Tapestry: Intro

Welcome to the inaugural post for “The Tapestry” – Plumbee’s new and oh so very awesome art blog. Sure there are many great art blogs out there (of course, we love looking at them) however we hope to achieve much more than just post art that we have made on here; also we want to […]

Engineering / Social

Clojure, Beers and Pizza… and a bit of Elixir

Here at Plumbee, we’re big believers in actively exposing ourselves to new ideas, and sharing what we’ve learnt. As engineers, we’re a diverse bunch with many interests, including new (and not-so-new) programming languages and paradigms. We’re excited to announce that we’ll shortly be hosting two guest talks at our offices in Shoreditch, with a bit […]

Engineering / Mobile

Large-scale, fine-grained push notifications with Amazon Web Services

How to efficiently send large numbers of push notifications – and have your players thank you for it! One of the most popular parts of our Mirrorball Slots free-to-play mobile game is Challenges. During a Challenge, players can collect Symbols during non-winning spins, and the more Symbols a player collects, the more Mirrorballs she can […]


Stardust particle effect editor

TL;DR: We made an open source app to create and edit particle effects for Flash, try it here. Github repository links: Editor Playback/loader library Enhanced Stardust library Read More