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The Tapestry: Intro

Welcome to the inaugural post for “The Tapestry” – Plumbee’s new and oh so very awesome art blog. Sure there are many great art blogs out there (of course, we love looking at them) however we hope to achieve much more than just post art that we have made on here; also we want to portray how much fun we have in working on what we create, the amount of interaction we have as an art group and of course the fantastic time we have; whether that be conjuring up new and fabulous styles and ideas, hanging out, generally causing trouble and of course, *painting* like we own the word!

Everyone in the Plumbee art team is inspired and impassioned by what we do – we are a happy bunch of pretty excitable individuals with an eclectic mix of skills who are very focused on what we do. But what drives us? What keeps us in this state of creative inspiration, what is it that defines Plumbee more than anything else? Free beer? Sure! Ok, some prefer a glass of wine, or maybe playing foosball or Fifa like their lives depended on it. Others might claim to be “The World/Plumbee Pool Champion” or some other proclamation of supposed glory… Some of us even like working hard and making beautiful art – but we accept all sorts here.

When not arguing about “which drink is best for inducing super powers” or who is “most awesome” by some arbitrary measure, we actually love to challenge convention. Not only by being obsessed with the best looking art, we create our work so it augments the product and never disrupts it. The user experience is paramount to what we do and we believe this is the strongest foundation to bring beautiful work to life, it is not just art that drives us – it is the entire creative process across the studio.

We love sharing our artistic experiences and ideas – we often get together and huddle over what we’ve been up to around the company or share skills in what we are all uniquely good at. We also love getting involved with other team members and help each other with input, time and advice. As a group we are validated and inspired by each other and we strive not only to find better avenues of creative interaction but always keep ourselves open to new ideas and visions. Everyone here has a voice and every expression is valued. We invite insight, love individuality and celebrate talent. So if you think you have a good mix of art skills, openness, fun, creative ideas and a little touch of crazy – you should most definitely contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Now, who’s taken my Pool champion tiara…!?