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Leading social games companies launch the International Social Games Coalition to give a voice to the social games industry

After informally announcing in San Francisco in April this year, eight leading social games companies have come together to formally launch the International Social Games Coalition, which will showcase the work of the industry and educate people about free-to-play games on the internet.

The International Social Games Coalition (ISGC) represents founding members ranging from startup Plumbee to social games giant Zynga. The ISGC will act as a voice for the fast-growing industry at a time when many changes in the way millions of people access, play and pay for games are taking place. The ISGC will explain to the public, policy makers and regulators what the industry does, how it works and the value it generates both for the people who love to play social games and for the digital economy.

Chief Executive Officer of the International Social Games Coalition Luc Delany, said:

“The social games industry is at the heart of our emerging digital economy, so as it continues to grow it is essential that the sector has a collective voice. The International Social Games Coalition brings together some of the industry’s most exciting and innovative companies that create great entertainment for millions of people around the world.”

Paul Mathews, Chairman of the International Social Games Coalition and COO of PlayStudios

“Our priority is making games that people love to play – and we want to keep doing this for years to come. By forming this coalition the industry will be better able to explain what it is we actually do and breakdown the barriers of misunderstanding. We are committed to listening to our stakeholders, partners and the people who play our games, so we can make the most positive contribution we can through great games.”

The ISGC’s member companies are:

  • Zynga
  • RocketPlay
  • Plumbee
  • Playtika
  • PlayStudios
  • IGT
  • Gamesys
  • Aristocrat

The ISGC’s CEO is Mr Luc Delany, a former senior executive at Facebook.